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re-inventing the way data moovs

Not the two friends mentioned

Our Story

detamoov began with a phone call...a call where two friends discussed the payroll/HR industry and its latest trends. It was revealed that payroll/hr companies had pain points with moving data to third parties their clients required. Whether it was 401k, benefits or workers' compensation data (to name a few)...or if it was point of sale, accounting or timekeeping system to integrate with. There was no clear answer.

detamoov's mission is re-invent the way data moovs with our no-code platform allowing non-technical users to configure data exchange between two systems.

/dey-tuh moov/

A no-code application designed to facilitate the transfer of information from a source to a destination

usage in a sentence:
ABC Payroll Company uses detamoov to transmit information to third party vendors/systems their clients utilize for services such as retirement, benefits, point of sale, workers' compensation insurance, etc... ABC Payroll Company also uses detamoov to receive information from those third parties so their clients' data is automatically updated in their payroll system.

Why is the application named detamoov?

Here's why in the words of our founder, Rick Hymanson:

I always like to have a Japanese ties to company names (remember my previous company Shugo). Conduct a google search and simply type in "Japanese word for data" and you'll see the result.

Hence how the usage of deta came to be.

The overall concept is to facilitate the movement of data from a source to a destination. This may mean receiving a file, manipulating that file in some form/fashion (transforming it from format A to format B, PGP encrypting it, etc...), and delivering it to a third party via FTP, SFTP, API, email, etc... It may mean being notified by a webhook that data is available, capturing that data and then delivering it to a third party via any of the mechanisms described before. It's about connecting a source and destination and ensuring that information is moved correctly between.


So you probably now get the "moov" portion but you may be wondering why spell it "moov" instead of "move". Well...


a. I thought moov sounded more fun and was cooler
b. I thought I may be able to trademark detamoov vs. detamove
c. If we ever came up with a company mascot, a cow is the easy choice

(btw, do you notice the cow motif in the detamoov logo or the cow image on this page?)
d. Reread point a above :)

Cattle at Sunrise

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