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Price Sheet

Pay for what you use, simple as that!

detamoov fees are calculated based on usage . To better understand detamoov's usage fees, knowledge of our vernacular is helpful.

moov (n) - an integration connecting two systems. For example, an integration between payroll and a specific retirement provider is a moov. An integration between payroll and QuickBooks Online is a moov.

moov configuration (n) - settings configured controlling the execution of a moov. For example, for each customer that integrated to a retirement provider, a moov configuration will be created to dictate settings. For each customer's QBO account we integrate to, a moov configuration will be created.

moov execution (n) - an integration executing. For example, each time data is sent from payroll to the retirement provider, a moov execution occurs. Each time payroll general ledger data is sent from payroll to QBO, a moov execution occurs. There are two types of moov executions:

  • Per execution moov - each time the moov executes, a per execution fee and per record fees are calculated. An execution which has 20 records will have a single per execution fee plus 20 per record fees.

  • Unlimited use moov - In some cases, a per record fee is not reasonable so we created a second billing model for those scenarios called unlimited use. As long as the integration executes once in a month, a flat monthly fee is calculated for that moov configuration.

Price Sheet

Starting at...


Per moov configuration created


Starting at per source data/file received requiring a transformation.


Starting at per source record processed requiring a transformation.


Unlimited use moovs per client per month

* In addition, a $150 monthly minimum will be applied. This amount is discounted during your first year as a detamoov customer.


** Most pricing follows a graduated pricing model. This means the more you use detamoov, the cheaper it becomes.

How your usage fee is calculated


Receive Data

File Settings.png

Transform Data

Key - 01.png

Encrypt Data


Deliver Data

A per execution moov completes after receipt of data/file that contains 20 rows...1 row for every employee in the company. How much will it cost?



For receipt of the source data/file


$.20 for each source record processed



Detailed Price Sheet

Billing component
Starting at
Graduated pricing
unlimited use moovs per client per month
1-250 at $20 per, 251+ at $15 per
moov configuration created
source record processed requiring a transformation
1-2000 at $.20 per, 2001+ at $.18 per
source data/file received requiring a transformation
1-100 at $5.00 per, 101-200 at $4.50 per, 201+ $4.00 per
source document received which does not require a transformation
1-100 at $2.50 per, 101+ at $2.00 per
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