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Eliminate manual tasks, duplicate data entry and costly errors

What you did before detamoov was error prone:

Hand-keying data into websites is messy, tedious and prone to error 

Manual login to third party applications eats away productivity and poses security risks with password management.

Creating custom extracts/reports requires development expertise, is costly and requires constant maintenance.

Save time, reduce errors and streamline integrations

Built by a team that has over 25 years in the payroll/HCM industry, detamoov removes manual data entry and messy file upload/downloads reducing errors and saving you hours each week. Common uses include:

Retirement Plans

Streamline integration with national, regional and local providers including state run programs.

General Ledger

Remove the need for manual general ledger file uploads and data entry creation of accounts in accounting packages like QuickBooks Online.


Eliminate staff from manually submitting contributions or updates to benefit platforms like FSA/HSA, Cobra and more.

Time Imports

Eliminate manual hand-keying or messy Excel maintenance that only a single employee knows.

New Hires / Employee Updates

Provide a cohesive user experience with automated sync new hires and employee updates to third party platforms.

Positive Pay

Easily map and exchange positive pay data with banks.

Connection with many payroll/hcm platforms including:


Don't see your platform listed, don't worry we likely have it available. Contact us to learn more.

Endless integrations including:


And many more...

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