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Cheap, fast, good + 1

As we embark on sharing our integration project framework, we think it's important to talk first about the cheap/fast/good framework when it comes to projects.

If you've heard cheap/fast/good before, you'll still want to read on as we introduce a fourth quadrant to this framework.

If you've never heard of cheap/fast/good, the concept is simple. You can only ever get two of the three.

Good + Fast, won't be cheap.

Fast + Cheap, won't be good.

Cheap + Good, won't be fast.

When it comes to technology/integration projects, it's spot on. You can hire the best developer/firm to do the job so you receive quality work completed quickly. You know that won't be cheap.

You can hire a junior level resource which makes the project cheap, but it likely won't be good and who knows if it'll be fast.

We won't get into more examples, because what we think is important to share is the fourth quadrant we always put into this framework: maintainable.

4 - Maintainable

Inevitably, something is going to change with a technology project, especially one focusing on integration. BELIEVE US - it will!

An API will change.

A data element to integrate will be added.

A new use case will be created.

An edge case not thought will rear its ugly head.

And so on...

What happens then?

If you hired an outside firm to do the initial work, they have moved on to other projects. Their business model is to land more projects so they can generate more revenue.

If you used an internal staff member, they have focused on other areas of your business.

Who does the maintenance? How will you meet the changing requirements of a project? How will you make sure the project/integration is updated?

This is why we feel the model should be cheap/fast/good/maintainable. Think about it and let us know your thoughts.

Do you agree?

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