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detamoov accepted into the TinySeed Spring 2023 accelerator program

We're excited to share that we've been accepted into the TinySeed accelerator program as a member of the Spring 2023 Americas batch!

TinySeed is the first accelerator for ambitious B2B SaaS companies offering its members a year-long remote program focusing on mentorship, community and funding. Started by Rob Walling and Einar Vollset, TinySeed is an alternate to startups either bootstrapping or raising venture capital. detamoov has been selected as one of thirteen companies from hundreds of applicants for the Spring 2023 Americas batch.

Rick Hymanson, detamoov founder, shared "I'm excited and proud that detamoov has been selected to the TinySeed accelerator program. With my previous B2B SaaS startup, Shugo, I lived first-hand the difficulty bootstrapped startups face. We luckily overcame the odds and grew Shugo to a thriving company that was acquired in January 2018. When I first learned about TinySeed from Rob Wallings' podcast Startups for the Rest of Us, I kept saying how I needed this back in my prior Shugo life. Out of hundred of applicants to TinySeend for detamoov to be in 2-3% accepted shows the tremendous growth we've already achieved and the potential in front of us. I look forward to working with Rob, Einar, the TinySeed team and all the TinySeed mentors along with our fellow Spring 2023 Americas batch companies."

detamoov is excited to join the following companies selected as part of the TinySeed Spring 2023 Americas batch:

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