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re-inventing the way
data moovs

detamoov eliminates manual tasks with its no-code data exchange, connectivity and moovment platform. 

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How it Works

moovs are workflows containing steps to move data from point A to point B

Each moov contains specific actions to execute one after the other


Receive Data

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Transform Data

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Encrypt Data


Deliver Data

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Create a moov

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Share data


Watch your  moovs execute

Why detamoov?

Simplify, centralize and automate your data moovment

Working on Laptop

Easy setup

Use one of our moov templates or build your own

No developer required

Developers are expensive and sometimes can be fussy. No-code allows you to be nimble and customize detamoov quickly

Programming Console
Analyzing the data

Auditing and reporting

Know the full details every time your data moovs, complete with delivery confirmation

Our Clients

Why companies like detamoov?

"detamoov’s no-code workflow engine allows me to automate file exchanges to dozens of third party providers. Setting up a new provider to exchange data with takes seconds and requires no technical know-how."


Andrew King

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